Dates: 1/5-2/23/2019 (Saturdays)
Times: 8am-6pm
Ages: u8 (2011), u9 (2010), u10 (2009), u11 (2008), u12 (2007), u13 (2006), u14 (2005), u15/16 (2003-2004), u17/18 (2001-2002) boys and girls
Levels: recreation, travel, premier
Includes: ref fees, awards for champions
Format: 4v4 no gk's | 40 minutes continuous clock
Fields: 60'L x 45'W (3 fields)
Cost: $599
*Teams/players do not have to be USYSA or US Club carded. Get your squad set and fill out the roster/medical release form.

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Register to join our current list of 30 teams in a new league concept. Our goal is to create an environment that focuses on developing better technical players. Games will be played on PEAC Turf’s indoor fields. All game will be played on turf with a futsal ball. The format will be 4v4, no gk's, small goals, and build out rules.

Come check us out! If you are looking for technical development, lots of goals, low cost, no travel, and high-quality training, this is the league for you!

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